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Reasons Why Insurance is Important


Selecting the apt insurance cover can be hectic and confusing. It is not as easy as choosing and buying a new car or any other tangible product. Due to this reason, insurance is a cover required and needed for its intangible services provided over real products and business. Here are several reasons as to why insurance plays such a vital role in the smooth functioning of business and life.

Insurance keeps commerce moving

When the deadly attacks of 9/11 struck the United States, there was a matter of doubt whether the insurance companies would over acts under terrorism or acts of war. However many insurance organizations did consider excluding terrorism from its list of subjects to insure. It was an act approved and appealed by the federal department that changed and requested this motion to include such an act of terrorism for the sake of keeping commerce moving and functioning in the nation.


Lenders require insurance

Lenders mandatorily require that the user or business has an insurance coverage before funds are activated and distributed. Mortgage lenders require that proof of insurance before construction of new homes. Without insurance cover, not only is it prone to damage but won’t receive the necessary funds needed to run its operations.

Insurance is compulsory in some states

Protection has become mandatory and legally compulsory these days. In the state of Wisconsin, auto insurance is mandatory to help mitigate the risk of injury on roads to the vehicle and the user. Similar to this is the worker’s compensation fund that is needed by all workers who work in any formal organization.

Insurance grants peace of mind

Insurance provides a great sense of satisfaction and peace of mind to entrepreneurs as they can explore through various business opportunities and shift the aspect of risk to the insurance companies. This is one among the reasons why lenders require insurance.

Insurance ensures stability

Insurance helps its clients get back to their feet after they have suffered any catastrophe either in their family life, when they lose a dear one or when the business has experienced some failure.  Life insurance and business insurance coverage help tackle such problems in life.

Insurance protects the little guys

Often the little guys in the industry are the ones that suffer the most during any hits to the industry and bear the most adversity of the risk making them liable to the hands and might of the big guys. Insurance helps the little guys by mitigating risk and preventing the formation of monopolies.

Insurance is the right thing to do

Coverage is the right thing to do because it helps the businessmen not think about risk and what could happen and what would happen after something happens. Insurance helps mitigate risk and provide safety net opportunities with expert advice.

Steps to Claim your Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Every Insurance Company has laid down few procedures to enable hassle-free claim process. Hence, it’s important to be aware of these processes to avoid any surprises. There are two ways to claim Health Insurance, and they are :

  1. Cashless Settlement

Insurance companies have a network of hospitals that form a part of their Preferred Provider Network. Treatment in any of such hospitals entitles you for a cashless treatment where the insurance company settles the cost of hospitalization directly with the hospital without your intervention.


  1. Reimbursement of Medical Expenses

In case you are unable to get treatment at any of the hospitals within this network you can opt for hospitalization and treatment in the hospital of your choice and pay through your pocket and then claim for reimbursement. Considering the high costs involved, this is usually not the most preferred choice for most people.

The following are the steps involved in each of these methods –

  1. Cashless Settlement

  • If it’s a planned hospitalization, intimate the insurance company 1-2 days before hospitalization. In case of an emergency, the time period is anytime within 24 hours of admission.

  • Network hospitals have an organized and systematic helpdesk to assist the insurers with all things concerning the required documents and formalities. Therefore, it is necessary to contact the help desk to fill the claim form and submit the required documents.

  • On receiving the documents, the Insurance Company will run a check and identify the costs that can and cannot be covered under the terms and conditions of the Insurance. If the case is within the coverage scope, the Insurance Company sends an approval to the hospital for the specified amount. Should the cost exceed the amount approved, the hospital may request for a pre-approval.

  • If due to any reason the request for a cashless treatment is denied, one can settle the bill on his own and then raise the request for reimbursement.

  1. Reimbursement

  • Intimation to the insurance company in case of hospitalization, both planned and emergency holds good for reimbursement of claims as well.

  • Post-hospitalization and treatment, one is required to present the below-mentioned documents for further processing of the request.

  • A filled claim form

  • A Discharge certificate signed by the treating doctor

  • All the medical receipts along with the prescriptions

  • Copy of the cheque that was declined

  • Any other necessary documents as per the request of the insurance company

  • The insurance company will then scrutinize the documents submitted and accordingly either accept or reject the claim based on the policy terms and conditions.

  • An accepted claim will present the final amount that is disbursed with the Claim Settlement Letter specifying the amount break-ups.

  • In case the claim is rejected, a Claim Rejection Letter will be sent to the insured stating the reasons for the same.

Workers hired before the election, was dismissed after the election!

The number of people working in temporary jobs such as school cleaning and tree planting increased rapidly before the November 1st elections, but then began to decline in the same way. In October 2015, the number of temporary workers increased from 149 thousand to 381 thousand in December. Following the elections in January, 317 thousand and 277 thousand mara regressed. 104 thousand temporary workers in the 3-month period after the elections was job.

The course of temporary employment in 2015 is remarkable. In January, only a thousand 146 people were hired, in the first 3 months of the year this number was 22 thousand people. However, the figure rose rapidly towards the June 7 elections. In May, 231 thousand, in June, went to 247 thousand people. A month later, it fell to 142 thousand. It reached 325 thousand in November and 381 thousand in the range. After the elections began to fall again.

In 2015, there was a large increase in the number of employees working in temporary jobs such as school cleaning and tree planting. The number of workers paid from the Unemployment Fund increased more than doubled compared to the previous year. Turkey Business Association (İşkur) Community Yar According to the data field Programs (CIP) project known as the temporary employment numbers are showing great play after the election process and the elections. In 2014, 216 thousand people worked as temporary workers, which increased more than twice in 2015 and reached 523 thousand people. The so-called. Election employment olarak was accelerated when approaching 1 November. In every neighborhood and in the village, hundreds of people were hired to vote. The number of temporary employees began to decline rapidly after the AK Party was elected in the elections.

The salaries of the Unemployment Fund, school cleaning, tree planting and cemetery care turned into an investment of choice. The 2009 Economic Crisis Program, which was implemented as a project of time, became permanent after the crisis. The expenditures in this context were one of the most important expenditure items in the Unemployment Fund.

The government, which has been given the opportunity to provide direct employment to the government by using the Unemployment Fund resources, leads to discussions. The opposition says the list of people to be hired is determined by the provincial and district presidencies of the AK Party. Practices in many provinces and districts confirm these claims. People elected by the provincial and district organizations of the ruling party are recruited from the Unemployment Fund sources. In this context, the expenditure made from the fund is estimated to exceed 3 billion pounds.

Due to the election employment, there has been a large increase in the expenditures made within the scope of the Iskur budget. For the active workforce programs covering vocational courses and temporary jobs, while the expenditures made by the Unemployment Insurance Fund were 1 billion 359 million Turkish Liras in 2014, it was 2 billion 536 million TL in the 11 months of 2015.

Shouting As I Exit I Want To Point To This Hazard: We are divided!

Answering questions about the agenda of Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay answered, “Turkish Type Presidential System, a democratic model similar to the United States, not a freaky management search,” he said.

Interview: Bilgehan UÇAK


Former Minister of Culture and Tourism  Ertugrul Gunay ,  Bülent Arinc , President  Tayyip Erdoganand the AKP, including statements open to the media after making statements about the cracks found in the AKP found. Gunay, “Turkey is looking for a new political hope. Worn Today’s ruling, looked worn; the opposition is tired, give no hope. Democracy, economic development and ownership sincerely social solidarity, fundamental to the fairness and transparency of state administration puts, pluralistic, needs participants to a new political movement “he said.

“Since 17 December, democracy, the state of law, transparency, participation, dialogue, we are moving away from peace in and out,” said Gunay, “Now we are paying for the price. the cost of living is increasing, “he said.




First I want to ask about the Syria issue. Where are we? What is happening? Where are we going?


Turkey on Syria, has made a mistake and we had to pay the price for many years. In the chaos of the Arab Spring, it was thought that a similar process would be experienced in Syria by looking at the rapid change of government in countries like Egypt and Tunisia. History and geostrategic features of Syria were ignored.After all, the regime and administration in Syria did not change; as well as it creates a vortex that pulls everyone in the south of Turkey. It now attracts swirl including Turkey. I’d like to underline a point. I’m not saying that when we come to this disaster. As a member of the government in 2011-12, I expressed my concerns. Competent friends continued the road, saying the problem would end within yol six months yol.Not six months, four years have passed. The place we came from is obvious.


I’m going to ask what happened in the East right away … Horrible photos are coming Hemen


In the East and Southeast, the situation is beyond my own. Turkey, the PKK, which is dealing with this issue for 30 years axes. There has never been such a conflict, such a resilient process that has spread so far in the cities. There are several reasons for this picture: Firstly, there has not been enough and sincere discussion about what is called. Solution, every time.


What’s the other reason?


Second, our foreign policy flaws against Syria in history have caused new insecurities and ruptures. Turkey, reused instead of questionable relationships with gangs such as SAR and Nusr in Syria, to try to protect the interest of the Kurds and Turkmen are limited and could keep stable, I guess that would not contain these riots. But at the beginning of the war, the stack failure made its negative impact to the end.


As a former minister of the AKP, what do you think about the criticisms that continued with Hüseyin Çelik, Ertuğrul Yalçınbayır and Sadullah Ergin?


These people have contributed to the success of the Justice and Development Party since its inception. I think that they have been very patient and criticized quite a bit too late. But if they feel the need to criticize now, there are major problems. Instead of seeing their criticism as hostility, you need to take it seriously.




When will the opposition movement be expected by many people who have been sourced from lack of alternativeity? What is your next political career plan?


Turkey is looking for a new political hope. Today’s power seems worn, worn; The opposition is also tired, not giving hope. There is a need for a new and pluralist political movement that sincerely embraces democracy, economic development and social solidarity. Turkey fears from the tunnel, I believe that the interests of such a new political hope this nightmare. I feel indebted to contribute to the creation of this hope, the idea and the fact.


Ministry of Culture and Tourism. At present, the latest data shows that hotels, especially Antalya, are closing in and out, and that the rooms are always empty. Turkey, “the turistsizlik” How does this affect?


Turkey, liberal democracy inside, outside is paying the price in many areas of the peaceful policies appear abandoned, it seems more years to pay. Tourism, unfortunately, at the beginning of the areas we will pay this price. Because it is directly related to tourism movements with the general image of a country. As the Ministry, we were selected as the most successful organization in Europe by the World Tourism Organization (WTO / WTO) in 2012. Turkey, economic and democratic because it was going well with all indicators. Now we’re going back. Inside, we look like a country that is unlawful and insecure. This wisdom, folly perhaps more accurate to say, if we go, 2016 and the years after the collapse of tourism and Turkey will be a great success, until recently, the labor sector has been achieved, it will be unfair to the accumulation. Also in tourism,


In addition, tourism is not only a sector that brings foreign exchange but also integration with the world Ayrıca


Tourism is a country, in a sense opening to the world. Therefore, the loss of the sector is not only a loss of exchange, but also a decrease in the civilized relationship with the world.


One of the most debated topics in your period was the freak sculpture. Looking back today, how do you see the collapse of that statue, the opening of Zeugma, and other works? What made you happy is what happened; I wish I had done or if I had never done anything you said?


From September 2007 to January 2013 I did the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. I can say that we have accomplished many things that make me very happy with the efforts of my colleagues. Turkey’s forgotten many value stood up. Archeology, museum-card, new museums, cultural centers, Yunus Emre Centers, the collection of manuscripts, the return of our thousands of stolen works from abroad, the rise of cinema, the opening of 25 new theatrical stage in Anatolia, the success awards in tourism worldwide, and more It was also during this period that Madımak returned with Nazım’s citizenship and, after 15 years, carried out some democracy duties such as the removal of his kebab and the original edition of works like Mem-u Zin.




What are the bad memories?


During my term of office, I can say with confidence and pride that no part of our country has ever been discriminated against any person, institution or work. However, there are also the shortcomings that I couldn’t do, which I’m sorry for not finishing. I was able to get rid of an oasis of culture known as Uniq Istanbul, which was forgotten for many years in Ayazağa; but unfortunately, thousands of kinds of obstacles in spite of finding the source of the work began, but after me I was not able to get rid of the AKM stopped unlawfully. Again, I started the construction of many museums like Zeugma and many other museums in Van, Urfa, Hatay, Çanakkale and Afyon, but I could not start the construction of a museum I dreamed of in Ankara. Looking at Cer Modern and the symphony construction, which has been trough for years, has become visible, I find solace. In all this process, the only thing they find and say in order to criticize is the sculpture that was left unfinished in Kars. If this is to be accounted for, I think it should be asked not to me, but to the owners of the Protection Board and the art of rude and unkind words against the local administrators who do not pay enough attention to the choice of place.


What are your ideas about the “transformation” of Yassıada? Do you think it gives us an idea of ​​what the AKP wants to do?


Yassıada is the cause of sadness within us. History and today. I wanted to make a ist confrontation and memorial museum, in 2011, respecting the suffering of Yassıada there. A museum island that can be visited silently, thinking and learning respectfully. After me, the job turned into a contracting project; Hotels, restaurants, lounges. What can i say? Istanbul has become a ‘coupon’; every square meter pays for this conservative attack!




Turkey’s “democratization issues” There are connecting to the Presidential system. Ergun Özbudun’dan wanted to make a constitution now what we came … What do you think?


After the 2007 election, we worked with Prof. Özbudun in the Constitutional Commission. The search at the time was to make parliamentary democracy healthier. Unfortunately, the opposition did not treat the work with an understanding of the opposition, and the government did not act persistently. Now we’re having a whole different discussion. Asal Turkish Type Presidential System demokratik is not a democratic constitutional model similar to the US; freak Aside from all the discussions, I get elected in the Assembly -ist the person who topped the state in Turkey, whether the straight “neutral” I consider very important and vital too that. Like us, ethnic, experiencing sectarian discrimination in a country is not sufficiently homogeneous society, we cannot protect our unity, we shall not, if there is no one above the political biases, if there are no people and institutions that trust the neutrality of the whole nation.


Maybe he was never an impartial president, but there was no one like this one last year Belki


Please see this in the last one year. At the top of the state, as an impartial institution does not appear kamp representing the unity of the nation görün, we are increasingly disintegrating, conflicting, campaigning, dividing! Yes, I want to point out this danger by shouting as much as I can: I’m dividing!




There is definitely a “crossroads” in the AKP. Where are the roads? Where are you in the matter of democratization, Turkey -and where public opposition party with your ex?


The place we come from is as dark as we cannot see with narrow views of political biases. Here we need to quickly return to law, peace, dialogue, democracy. Since the end of 2012, from June 2013 to December 17, we have been moving away from democracy, the rule of law, transparency, participation, dialogue, internal and external peace. Now we’re paying for it. Investment is declining, tourism is declining, unemployment is increasing; Accordingly, national income is falling, the cost of living is increasing. Turkey, the region and the world gets lonely. The inside of the press, intellectuals, dissenting voices, silence, the right to drive a healthy, well-sounded, safe place can not be removed. This is the general view and the landscape! The end of political ambition is disaster. To know some history, the Unionists, the Ottoman Empire; Saddam, Iraq, racism, You can learn how Yugoslavia was, and be aware of them. History is an example. If taken, does not repeat. Similar disasters are not taken again, and God bless! The country is not ruled by greed, anger, hatred and fear, but by common sense, wisdom, wisdom and knowledge.


A bomb exploded in Ankara on Wednesday. Who is this, or what else?


Unfortunately, such events have increased a lot over recent years. I’m afraid we will continue to experience similar painful events. Because Turkey to Syria in -he was inevitably affected by the negative developments in the region chitin. When I offered to stay away from the Syrian civil war, I tried to point out this danger.In Syria, it is possible not to see that the relationship with the uncertain groups would make us fall into Pakistan because of Afghanistan, but it was only possible with ideological blindness unaware of the world.On the other hand, the fact that the Kurdish problem abandoned the dialogue method and returned to the conflict increased our security problems. In other words, Syria has an effect on this problem. At this point, instead of focusing on the danger foci of the state’s security and intelligence units, to produce and focus on fictitious foes of domestic politics has reduced the state’s fighting power. Terrorism and intelligence units became ineffective when security forces specialized in counterterrorism and intelligence were dismissed from political and imaginary charges. Now we’re paying for them. I hope that this weakness will not be longer and I hope that the Government, especially the Syrian policy and internalizing its tightening policies, and the social fragility will eliminate, peaceful, integrative takes new steps. Otherwise, inside and outside kamplaştırıc continued this policy with Turkey can not reach more peace for a long time. political and imaginary charges were removed from the task of terror and intelligence units became ineffective. Now we’re paying for them. I hope that this weakness will not be longer and I hope that the Government, especially the Syrian policy and internalizing its tightening policies, and the social fragility will eliminate, peaceful, integrative takes new steps. Otherwise, inside and outside kamplaştırıc continued this policy with Turkey can not reach more peace for a long time. political and imaginary charges were removed from the task of terror and intelligence units became ineffective. Now we’re paying for them. I hope that this weakness will not be longer and I hope that the Government, especially the Syrian policy and internalizing its tightening policies, and the social fragility will eliminate, peaceful, integrative takes new steps.Otherwise, inside and outside kamplaştırıc continued this policy with Turkey can not reach more peace for a long time.

27 Lawyers Taking Their Licenses

27 trainee lawyers who successfully completed their internship period in Adana Bar Association stepped into advocacy.

Bar President Av. In his speech at the opening ceremony of the ceremony, Mengücek Gazi Çıtırık celebrated their families and congratulated their colleagues and wished them success. Çıtırık said, biri I have full confidence that my young colleagues, each one is a bright, separate world, will be loyal to their oath. Ik

Adana Bar Association Board Member Ziya Yalaz, 27 trainee lawyers in the collective read the oath. Zihni Aldırmaz ceremony at the ceremony lawyer attorney Hasan Koc’a put on his robes cafeteria.

Licensing lawyers:
Ömer Özkan (Selçuk University), Aybala Zingir, Serpil Delibıçak, Merve Öztürk, Gökhan Eroğlu, (Çukurova University), Merve Gündoğdu (Erzurum Atatürk University), Serpil Dilibıçak, Deniz Eylem Coşkun (Süleyman Demirel University), Selim Mirici, Onur Mirici, Dr. Tolgahan Görmüş, (Çağ University), Büşra Merve Keleş (Marmara University), Yasemin Demir, Esem Yeğit (Uludağ University), Nilay Bozan (Kırıkkale University) Soner Güler (Near East University), Hasan Koç (İstanbu Kültür University), Hatice Atmaca , Ozgur Ozkan, Esin Keskin (Dicle University), Fatma Nur Kara (Ankara University), Mehmet Aslan (Eastern Mediterranean University), Ötuken Turkmen (Gazi University), Yasemin Tunas (Erciyes University), Tufan Esen (Anadolu University), Tolga Marasli (Eastern Mediterranean University) and Naz Şebnem Özer (Istanbul University)

Adana Bar Association President Av. Mengücek Gazi Çıtırık finished his speech as follows:
“Today, there are 104 law schools in Turkey, gives 77 of them graduated. This increase in the quantity of the profession of the profession leads to serious problems. Without the necessary infrastructure work without listening to the social interlocutors, the bag, which is an indecent offer from the old Rome, is not enough with the laws and the field of the profession of the profession is severely narrowed together with the judicial decisions. Under these challenging conditions, the defense profession must fulfill its livelihood. As bar associations, we expect the political power to respect the judiciary and the decisions of the judiciary and internalize the law. The non-partisan judiciary in Turkey and which of us is not correct to label various designations. Today, unfortunately, can not fulfill the duties of judges and prosecutors in Turkey. Let everything work in the law. Judges and prosecutors should decide on their own. The judiciary, community, YARSAVCI and the judiciary are in very serious division. Trust in justice is shaken more than ever. Today, I am confident that our trainee lawyers, each of which is a bright and separate world, will remain loyal to their oath Bugün

There will be no judge and savci in young age!

In the last months, everyone has the expression of am There will be no judges and prosecutors at a young age. Geç First, 5-6 months ago, the Minister of Justice, Sadullah Ergin, the Ministry of Justice, such as attorneyship, judicial and prosecutor’s profession to continue their work on a model said.

When she graduated from law school, she did her internship and said that she was 24-25 years old, a prosecutor and a lawyer not in such developed countries of the world. Ergin, they are working on the result of the model around the age of 30, judges, prosecutors, lawyers said. According to this model, candidates who are successful in exams will see a much more effective, serious and long internship, and after 5 years of working in the public sector as judicial service experts, they can be judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Sadullah Ergin gave similar statements later. In the same way, the statements were made by TBB President Metin Feyzioğlu.

A few days ago, HSYK Vice-President Ahmet Hamsici criticized the judges and prosecutors for a young age and stated that the HSYK was working on bringing the age limit for judges and prosecutors at the age of 30. Hamsici said that the graduates would be employed as legal service experts for a while and then the judges and prosecutors would be made.

Likewise, there are often reports that YÖK, the Ministry of Justice and the Justice Academy are conducting a joint work on a new model that will radically change the conditions for being judges, prosecutors and lawyers. The reason for the emergence of all these works is ebi Quality in the judiciary is falling Bütün.

All these expressions increase the anxiety of thousands of students studying especially in law faculties. Judgment should be considered in terms of increasing the quality of the judiciary, but if it goes like this, the graduates of law faculties will not be different from the candidates who cannot be appointed with KPSS. HSYK According to the data, while the total number of judges and prosecutors in Turkey 12047 only the number of students admitted to law school in 2013 and 15420. 12050 students were admitted last year. What do you do if you don’t have a lawyer as easy as a new model? If the quota of law faculties will increase and the model is legalized, many graduates may be unemployed.

What is described about the new model brings along certain questions; What will he do if he cannot become a lawyer, judge or prosecutor before the age of 30, who graduated from the Faculty? Will anyone who has graduated start working in the public sector as a judicial service officer? What will the judicial service officers do when there is no authority called forensic service clerks? What will the judicial service officers do if they are not successful and will continue to work as judicial service officers?

I wish that if the level of education in law faculties had been raised and the quotas had not been increased for a quality judiciary from the very beginning hukuk Where would this model be needed if this was done?

PDR department recovery with non-field assignments

It is clear that administrative law is built on a set of universally accepted principles. The ir rule of law ve is perhaps the most important of these principles and even the basis of other principles. It is the choice of each state whether it will act in accordance with the rules of law that protect the fundamental rights and freedoms. 2. The Republic of Turkey has used to become the 1982 Constitution and Article prefer the rule of law. So the Republic of Turkey legislative, executive and judicial forces to adhere to the rule of law and interior have been using it means.

While this is the case; Recently, we hear that members of the PDR (Psychological Counseling and Guidance) department are not satisfied with some administrative activities of the Ministry of National Education within the administrative organization. I mean that the discontent is due to the issue of At Out of Field Assignment At as the title of the article.

The Ministry, as it will be remembered, did not study in the field of class teaching before but in the Agriculture, Veterinary and so on. graduates of the departments of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology as graduates who are graduates of the Department of Philosophy and Sociology as a profession “guidance counselor” is planning to appoint. What I have to say, good, sir, has nothing to do with the rule of law with the assignment of the state out of the state, it is possible to be responded. Let me explain, sir; one of our respected administrative lawyers. Dr. Kemal Gözler states that one of the special requirements of the rule of law, namely the adherence of the administration to the law, is the principle of ar Determinative of Administrative Activities Kemal. Namely;

Another requirement of the rule of law principle in terms of administration is the gere principle of the specificity of administrative activities Hukuk. In the state of law, the actions and procedures of the administration should be predictable by the authorities. The administration does not have complete freedom even in areas where it has discretion. The administration has to regulate and abide by this rule the general rules such as bylaws and regulations. This is called the ”principle of regular administration Buna. Likewise, due to the principle of administrative activities, the administration should not give up its stabilized practices. Likewise, in the rule of law, the administration should show iler respect for the acquired rights of persons ”.

According to Article 4 of the Regulation on Guidance and Psychological Counseling Services of the Ministry of National Education, olojik Guidance Counselor (Psychological Counselor); ”Guidance and Psychological Counseling Services in Educational Institutions, Guidance and Psychological Counseling Services for Students in Psychological Counseling and Guidance, As can be understood from this regulation, in order to be a mentor, it is necessary to be a Psychological Counseling and Guidance or Psychological Services in Education department. Other departments have not been provided with this opportunity. As mentioned above, tam the administration does not have a complete freedom even in areas where it has discretion.

Almost everyone knows that a high school student prefers a university department, but after graduating there is a department where he can easily work. Those who preferred the PDR department preferred the mentor shortage in the country and the ease of being appointed as a teacher. However, as a result of the extensive lobbying activities of members of the Sociology and Philosophy department, especially through social media, MoNE has been working towards opening a part of the staff of the faculty to the Sociology and Philosophy department.

The fulfillment of these demands by MoNE would mean a clear violation of the principle of ler Identity of Administrative Activities M. Aforementioned;

,, Due to the principle of administrative activities, the administration should not give up its stabilized practices… “

This point is precisely this point. To embark on such a work that has ended a years-old, stable practice will deeply undermine the trust of PDR members in the administration. Moreover, the students of the PDR department; Sociology and Philosophy department students with higher scores and success rankings are settled. Despite this, graduates of Sociology and Philosophy can pass a short term course and ensure the competence of being a guidance counselor. PDR students rightly say, or why did we study the university placement test so heavily and settled in this department?

In addition to these, PDR department courses and Sociology and Philosophy courses are completely different. For those who wish to study sociology, please visit For the aspx PDR section, you can compare the lessons by visiting As it will be seen, giving the right to be a guidance counselor for the sections which do not have similarities between them will create the need to injure the public conscience and revise our commitment to the principle of the rule of law.

It is our hope that the principle of esi Identity of Administrative Activities ”will penetrate all the cells of the administration. I wish you a specific day, sir.