The number of people working in temporary jobs such as school cleaning and tree planting increased rapidly before the November 1st elections, but then began to decline in the same way. In October 2015, the number of temporary workers increased from 149 thousand to 381 thousand in December. Following the elections in January, 317 thousand and 277 thousand mara regressed. 104 thousand temporary workers in the 3-month period after the elections was job.

The course of temporary employment in 2015 is remarkable. In January, only a thousand 146 people were hired, in the first 3 months of the year this number was 22 thousand people. However, the figure rose rapidly towards the June 7 elections. In May, 231 thousand, in June, went to 247 thousand people. A month later, it fell to 142 thousand. It reached 325 thousand in November and 381 thousand in the range. After the elections began to fall again.

In 2015, there was a large increase in the number of employees working in temporary jobs such as school cleaning and tree planting. The number of workers paid from the Unemployment Fund increased more than doubled compared to the previous year. Turkey Business Association (İşkur) Community Yar According to the data field Programs (CIP) project known as the temporary employment numbers are showing great play after the election process and the elections. In 2014, 216 thousand people worked as temporary workers, which increased more than twice in 2015 and reached 523 thousand people. The so-called. Election employment olarak was accelerated when approaching 1 November. In every neighborhood and in the village, hundreds of people were hired to vote. The number of temporary employees began to decline rapidly after the AK Party was elected in the elections.

The salaries of the Unemployment Fund, school cleaning, tree planting and cemetery care turned into an investment of choice. The 2009 Economic Crisis Program, which was implemented as a project of time, became permanent after the crisis. The expenditures in this context were one of the most important expenditure items in the Unemployment Fund.

The government, which has been given the opportunity to provide direct employment to the government by using the Unemployment Fund resources, leads to discussions. The opposition says the list of people to be hired is determined by the provincial and district presidencies of the AK Party. Practices in many provinces and districts confirm these claims. People elected by the provincial and district organizations of the ruling party are recruited from the Unemployment Fund sources. In this context, the expenditure made from the fund is estimated to exceed 3 billion pounds.

Due to the election employment, there has been a large increase in the expenditures made within the scope of the Iskur budget. For the active workforce programs covering vocational courses and temporary jobs, while the expenditures made by the Unemployment Insurance Fund were 1 billion 359 million Turkish Liras in 2014, it was 2 billion 536 million TL in the 11 months of 2015.