There Will Be No Judge And Savci In Young Age!

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In the last months, everyone has the expression of am There will be no judges and prosecutors at a young age. Geç First, 5-6 months ago, the Minister of Justice, Sadullah Ergin, the Ministry of Justice, such as attorneyship, judicial and prosecutor’s profession to continue their work on a model said.

When she graduated from law school, she did her internship and said that she was 24-25 years old, a prosecutor and a lawyer not in such developed countries of the world. Ergin, they are working on the result of the model around the age of 30, judges, prosecutors, lawyers said. According to this model, candidates who are successful in the exams will see a much more effective, serious and long internship and after 5 years of working in the public sector as judicial service experts, they can be judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Sadullah Ergin gave similar statements later. In the same way, the statements were made by TBB President Metin Feyzioğlu.

A few days ago, HSYK Vice-President Ahmet Hamsici criticized the judges and prosecutors for a young age and stated that the HSYK was working on bringing the age limit for judges and prosecutors at the age of 30. Hamsici said that the graduates would be employed as legal service experts for a while and then the judges and prosecutors would be made.

Likewise, there are often reports that YÖK, the Ministry of Justice and the Justice Academy are conducting joint work on a new model that will radically change the conditions for being judges, prosecutors and lawyers. The reason for the emergence of all these works is ebi Quality in the judiciary is falling Bütün.

All these expressions increase the anxiety of thousands of students studying especially in law faculties. Judgment should be considered in terms of increasing the quality of the judiciary, but if it goes like this, the graduates of law faculties will not be different from the candidates who cannot be appointed with KPSS. HSYK According to the data, while the total number of judges and prosecutors in Turkey 12047 only the number of students admitted to law school in 2013 and 15420. 12050 students were admitted last year. What do you do if you don’t have a lawyer as easy as a new model? If the quota of law faculties will increase and the model is legalized, many graduates may be unemployed.

What is described about the new model brings along certain questions; What will he do if he cannot become a lawyer, judge or prosecutor before the age of 30, who graduated from the Faculty? Will anyone who has graduated start working in the public sector as a judicial service officer? What will the judicial service officers do when there is no authority called forensic service clerks? What will the judicial service officers do if they are not successful and will continue to work as judicial service officers?

I wish that if the level of education in law faculties had been raised and the quotas had not been increased for a quality judiciary from the very beginning hukuk Where would this model be needed if this was done?

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