12 September Million Horized?


The Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı made a clear statement at the end and announced on January 1, 2014 that Classroom Licenses will be canceled. According to this statement, as of 2014, the courses will be closed. With this decision, according to the data of ÖZDEBİR, it has been announced that 1,219,472 students and 50,163 teachers who have been educated in a total of 3,961 private lessons, will be subject to disregard of the right to education, duty, work and contract freedom in the Constitution.

Of course, very well-considered, international examples of such arrangements that concern thousands of people have been evaluated; must be. However, unfortunately, the only evaluation done about this process, how to close the classroom, evaluation. There is no need to say that a study with this mentality cannot be successful.

The fact that the closure of the lectures is known by the interlocutors, however, is the most significant explanation of the fact that an elderly woman was forced to sell her cows to teach her son. Ministry of National Education will be very impressed with the story that people now have the understanding that they will not sell their cows because they will not have to send their children to school. However, one thing they do not take into account is that these cows will not be sold. Let’s just say that the cows will be nothing more than the capital they use to shepherd children. According to this story; O MEB officials and the authorities who have put the course of closing the mind, because of your wrong savings to the child and his family will not be persecuted?

How to explain the closure of the classrooms in a process in which the savings of the September 12 mentalities were lifted one by one in the name of democratic packages. Will be presented as a democratic opening. I suppose this arrangement cannot be presented as a democratic opening. Because, the first closure of the courses was experienced during the 12 September period. The Military Administration of 12 September sent the draft Law on the closure of the courses in the Advisory Assembly to the Advisory Council. On the other hand, the National Security Council vetoed the decision (v. 1643/983 and numbered 2843), which included the closure of the courses within a year. Özal government, which came to power after the Military Administration of 12 September, decided to close the courses.

To argue that this is a democratic opening by making a reference to this practice, to make fun of the public and to claim that what is done is nothing but to justify the actions of the 12 September Military Administration.

For those who are interested in what the constitution says, the decision to close the classroom is clearly contrary to the Constitution. The Constitution of the Republic of Turkey titled Social and Economic Rights Article 42, the right to education in Article 48, freedom of contract work and are organized.

Both the right to education and the duty, as well as the freedom to work and the contract, benefit from the protection provided for basic rights and duties in Article 13 of the Constitution as basic rights and duties. In this sense, the limitations imposed by law in both the field of rights and freedoms cannot be contrary to the requirements of a democratic society, nor can they be used outside of their intended purpose. On the other hand, the reasons for the limitation have already been listed in the same Constitution article; It has been arranged that the state can be restricted by law in accordance with the word and spirit of the Constitution with the aim of protecting the indivisible unity of the state and nation, national sovereignty, Republic, national security, public order, general order, public interest, general morality and general health and the related articles of the Constitution.

The existence of the classrooms, the state’s nation and nation with its indivisible integrity, national sovereignty, the Republic, national security, public order, public order, public interest, general morality or general health, how much damage has been taken, it was decided to close.

MEB officials or the authorities who put their minds to close the classroom can not be expected to make a statement? It has the right to wait for an explanation of what to do about the equality of the
100,000 people who will be unemployed and their families and what their parents will do in their next life and what the families of the
middle and lower income groups will have to do with their equality.

have to get out of Turkey, or mentality as foreign to shut people in the world in another example, no bullshit was an important regulation that could not be explained by over can not be performed, this application will be of a legal provision imposition, it would be the work of de facto coup mentality, understanding, children to send to the classroom the impossibility of this non-democratic, non-democratic, non-human practice should be abandoned.

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