Kobani Events Are Wronged By Expelling


Baroda held a new press conference Bar. Azat Yildirim said that the draft law sent to the Justice Commission in the Assembly specifically demanded that the government give up immediately. If we need it, the understanding of ‘totalitarian regimes’ and only those regimes is the way we see it. We, CMK as the defense authority, or 153 of the Law no. we are seriously concerned to bring back.

President Barack Obama pointed out that this draft law would bring with it extremely arbitrary implementations when it passed the Assembly. Instead, it is possible to detain, search and detain the citizens, with the reasonable suspicion that is extremely arbitrary, and this will bring about extremely arbitrary practices here. We, therefore, under the name of the security package in the Assembly of the Justice Commission ‘This law is sent to the government from the government as soon as possible to give up.

Yıldırım noted that it was known by everyone that this law was prepared for a specific purpose. removed.What does that mean? That means that. No file will be subject to privacy. We are against barring lawyers and lawyers. Because the police is preparing the file. The police know the whole file. Then the file walks under the supervision of the prosecutor. The prosecutor examines from beginning to end. When the objection happens, the file goes to the judge. The judge examines the file. And the judge decides. This ‘defendant citizen and the lawyer should not learn,’ he was given the decision of secrecy. With this privacy decision,


Yildirim stressed that the defense was deprived of the defense with the bill and said, bir The abolition of this article strengthened the defense of the midwife, and this is what it should be, because what the prosecutor, the police, and the judge know is no longer a secret. It is not a excluded lawyer. Şartlar The excluded profession is the defense profession, it is a excluded citizen, and therefore the reinstatement of Article 153 of Law No. 5271 is a serious violation of the right to defense. Due to team investigations, those who need to reach those documents in this investigation, using this power of power, in fact, they have removed this item right.However, at the moment Kobani incidents by the excuse they went a wrong way, “he said.

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