Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be a Lawyer



Becoming a lawyer requires commitment and substantial financial investment. Also, just like any other profession, this profession has its own merits and demerits. So, knowing why you want to venture into the career gives you the necessary motivation to work hard and overcome all the challenged to become a distinguished lawyer.


Financial Stability

Lawyers are paid handsomely all over the world. The very best, who are often hired to represent prominent people, take home up to seven-figure salary. So, by completing your studies in law and acquiring the necessary certification, you can earn good money and lead a successful life. Even the less known about lawyers working for small law firms earn enough money to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. So, if you wish to secure your future financially, you have every reason to train to be a lawyer.

The chance to help others

Lawyers are in the best position to help people, groups of people or even organizations facing legal challenges thus furthering the public good. Public interest attorneys are charged with the responsibility of championing legal cases for the benefit of society. So, if you are passionate about helping others and putting a smile on their faces, a career in law is ideal for you. I knew a lawyer who an expert in handling divorce cases and he was always happy about the qdro for dividing retirement accounts.  Be it any case, divorce, accidents, finance etc, you will have the best opportunity to help anyone who needs legal assistance particularly (do pro bono work) those who don’t have the means to hire lawyers.


Being a distinguished lawyer comes with many benefits authority and respect. Being recognized in the otherwise challenging field will earn you esteem and admiration not only from your peers but also from the entire community. As you the quality of your service spread around people will start recognizing you whenever you meet on the streets. Consequently, your status will eventually rise to those of celebrities. So, if gaining widespread recognition excites you, develop a career in law and you will attain your objective.

Transferrable skills

Effective lawyers possess a host of skills that include excellent communication, research skills, analytical skills, and judgment. Fortunately, all these skills are applicable to many other diverse situations and job opportunities (that is, they are transferrable). So, once you qualify as a lawyer you can use the skills to pursue a different career or even diversify your source of income. You can work as a journalist, do academic writing or even work for a research company. You, therefore, have a better chance of advancing in life.


Lawyers work autonomously and are free to make their own work schedule, set their own rates and select their preferred clients and practice areas. It is one of the careers with inherent flexibilities. So, as a lawyer, you get time to handle personal issues, exercise your creativity or even spend time away from the office as you wish. Consequently, lawyers rarely fall victim to work-related stress and boredom. If you find the freedom attractive, just train to become a lawyer.


A career in law is an exciting one full of benefits that include a good pay, flexibility, and respect. The fact it makes you work in diversely challenging setup also means you will get continuous development. So, if working in such an environment is appealing to you and you are willing to pay the sacrifice (every good thing requires sacrifice) join and law school and make your dreams come true.

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